Rubble Radar
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Key Features:

  • Measures heart/breathing
  • 20 Feet Range
  • Penetrate Sheetroc, Wood, etc
  • LEN (Motion) Indicator
  • Companian Computer for heart/breathing display
The Rubble Radar detects motion through walls and many building materials. When used in conjunction with a laptop computer and data-collecting hardware/software, the Rubble Radar can detect unconscious, living victims in rubble.
Radar Typical Performance
Range 7 M
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Bandwidth 80 MHz
Tx Power 1 mW
Voltage 3.6 V, 5.5 V
Current 12 mA
Temp -40 to +80 C
P/N Description Delivery
RRR-24 Raddar 7 m 90 Days
RRR-DAQ Acquisition HW/SW 60 Days
RRR-Lap Laptop, buy ous or use your own 60 Days
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