Bald Camel
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Key Features:
  • Detects personnel/vehicle motion within 40' diameter (Micro-Radar)
  • Self-locating GPS-Nodes-No bookkeeping
  • Battery operated (4 months on 2ea. "D" batteries)
  • Covert (LPD/LPI) Radar signal
  • Air or hand deployment (China Lake air-deployment in Feb04)
  • View anywhere/anytime (local and/or interent reporting)
  • All weather day/night operation

Bald camel senses personnel and vehicle motion using Micro-Radar and wirelessly reports to the user on the web-map (use any browser) . Radar detects dismounts through foliage.GPS eliminates bookkeeping. Satellite reporting over iridum.Use for :

  • Force Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Borders/Boundry
  • Intelligence/Cueing
Available to US goverment agencies including DoD military. Procuring authority responsible for regulatory approvals
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