SEGA-Node Radar
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Key Features:

  • 40 Dismount Detection
  • Foliage Penetrating (FOPEN)
  • LPD/ LPI Stealth Signal
  • Doppler Signature ID Potential

Radar detects personnel (and larger) motion. Radar penetrates foliage and is well suited to air-deployment where the sensors may bury in grass, brush otherwise become obstructed.  Radar is range-gated, accepting motion within the factory set 40’ range bubble and rejecting signals from outside 40’ making detections more reliable.  Factory adjustable Doppler passband accepts target speeds within 0.1 to 40 m/s and filters out unwanted signal source velocities outside that band.  The radar has a very sensitive wideband receiver and has special requirements for system noise reduction.  The antenna is omni-directional.  Larger, directional antennas are available. 
Radar Typical Performance

13 M
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Bandwidth 80 MHz
Tx Power 1 mW
Voltage 3.6 V, 5.5 V
Current 12 mA
Temp -40 to +80 C
Antenna Typical Performance
0 dBi
Beampattern omni
Style Folded Dipole
P/N Description Delivery
BCRR-24 Radar 13 m 60 Days
BCRA-24 Radar Antenna 60 Days
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