SEGA-Node Sensor Node
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Key Features:

  • Fopen Radar (40 Feet)
  • GPS
  • Universal Modular Pakadge
  • 4-Month Life (W/Radar & GPS)
The SEGA-node sensor concept combines a foliage penetrating (FOPEN) dismount detection capability (to forty-feet per node) with GPS, a signal processor and a radio. The sensor-nodes may be used individually or cooperatively to provide coverage of large areas. All circuits are plug-n-play. Want a remote microphone? Simply, drop in a microphone circuit. Want a remote camera? Omnevia can provide a drop-in camera as well.

Dropping in a GPS board:

Typical configuration, L to R: radar antenna, GPS, radio antenna, radar circuit, processor, radio circuit, carrier w/universal bus&batteries

P/N Description
PWC-100 Platform w/carrier
PWC-110 Foam Sleeve
BCRO-315 Radio, 1Km
BCRA-315 Radio Antenna
BCP-128 Processor
BCRR-24 Radar, 13m dia
BCRA-24 Radar Antenna
BC-Bat Battery, Li-ion
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