Micro Life Detector
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Key Features:

  • Detects Life Signs
  • Through Clothing
  • Through Chem-Suite
  • Through Body Armor

LifeDetector detects life signs through clothing and displays green for life and red for no-life on an LED display.  The instrument is intended for use in chemical or bio-hazard areas such as a battlefield.  If a person is found unconscious in such an environment it may be impractical or life-threatening to break the victims chem-suit barrier.  In this case and particularly in the case of mass-casualty situations, LifeDetector may be used to determine victim status without penetrating the chem-suit barrier.  For added speed of operation and for safety of both the victim and the operator, the Lifedetector measures through body armor - eliminating the need to remove it.  The LifeDetector quickly returns (8-sec) life-signs and will return a no-life indication only after carefully processing signals for 34 seconds to ensure that there are no false negative responses.  LifeDetector uses reliable Micro-radar to detect heart or chest wall motion. 


  1. Place LifeDetector on Victim Chest
  2. Press start button and step away (2 ft. min)
  3. Wait 8-seconds for life (green) or 34-seconds for no-life (red)
GPS Typical Performance
Senstivities 1.2 mV/cm2 @ 1Hz
Doppler Passband 0.01- 5 Hz
Dynamic Range 65 dB
Noise 110 µA
Voltage (PDA batt) 3.3 V
Current 8 µA
Size, Weight 2.5" x 4.5" x 6.5", 16oz
Temp -100 to +600 C
P/N Description Delivery
LD-LED Life Detector 120 Days
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