SEGA-Node RAD Detector
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Key Features:

  • Nodes Self-locate
  • Eliminates Bookkeeping
  • 6 Meters Accuracy

The nuclear Radiation Detector is based on new cadmium zinc telluride crystals imprinted with a detection grid.  The coplanar grid is etched onto the surface of the CdZnTe semiconductor.  Charge-sensing preamplifiers and signal subtraction circuitry present a low-noise analog signal to the onboard threshold circuitry.  Either signal may be used depending on need.  The unit operates at industrial temperatures (unlike other detectors requiring gas-cooling) and operates on extremely low power.  A slightly larger version is available that includes signal processing for spectral and peak analysis. 
GPS Typical Performance
Energies 10 - 800 keV
Senstivities 0 - 105 Counts
Voltage 3.6 V
Current 110 µA
-100 to +500 C
P/N Description Delivery
BCNUC Radiation Detector 90 Days
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