SEGA-Node Micro Phone
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Key Features:

  • Use for Target ID or Listening
  • Titanium Diaphragm
  • 1 to 20 KHz (vs others 100-20 KHz)
  • 100X Lower Noise (than std electret)
Microphone is a high quality, instrument-grade transducer with 100 times better low-level sensitivity than standard electret microphones.  Hear a whisper at 40’.  Low frequencies are key to identifying vehicle signatures.  This microphone’s response is flat to below one cycle-per-second. Industry standard electret microphones use plastic diaphragms that don’t respond well to environmental change. Advantacs’s microphone diaphragm is constructed from a thin layer of titanium making the transducer immune to temperature and humidity effects.  It also has over 120 dB of dynamic range so that even the quietest whisper won’t be saturated by wind
Mic Typical Performance
Freq Resp

1 Hz - 20 KHz

Sensitivity 20 mV / Pascal
Temp Coef 0.01 dB/C
Dynamic Range 20- 148 dBA
Noise 1.4 V
Voltage 3.6 V
Current 210 A
Temp -40 to +80 C
P/N Description Delivery
BCMIC Microphone 90 Days
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