SEGA-Node Air Deployed Sensor Platform (ADSP)
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Key Features:

  • Modular Plug -n - Play
  • 40 A-h Batteries (D Cell)
  • Millitary Tested
  • Self Righting Payload
                                         ADSP Housing and Carrier  
Housing constructed from bulletproof Lexan™.  Aircraft aluminum carrier supports two D-cell batteries (below) and a four gang universal circuit bus card (above).  Bus is based on UC Berkeley’s non-proprietary standard for maximum compatibility.  The aluminum carrier rotates freely on shock-mounted bearings to ensure internal antennas always point upward.   The entire package has been impact tested and flight tested in field trials conducted by the US military.  A foam sleeve provides the only impact protection needed for air-deployment. 

Side View

Bottom View

P/N Description Delivery
PWC - 100 Platform w/carrier 60 Days
PWC - 110 Foam Sleeve 60 Days
BC - Bat Battery, Li-ion D - Cell 10 Days
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